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Viacpohľadová cúvacia kamera
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Viacpohľadová cúvacia kamera


Cúvacia kamera, s najnovšou technológiou a s ovládaním na dotykovej obrazovke.

Automaticky sa aktivuje pri zaradení spiatočky. Automaticky sa stlmí zvuk, takže bezproblémov počujete signalizáciu parkovacích senzorov.

Možnosť výberu zo štyroch pohľadov.

299,- €
Odporúčaná maloobchodná cena

Informácie o produkte

Rear View displays what is directly behind the car. Use This when reserving into a parking space, for example.

Panorama View displays a wide view behind the car. Use this when you want to view a wider than normal area behind the car.

Multi-view splits the screen so you have a clearer view of both left and right behind the car. There's also a picture-in-picture function that shows the regular rear view in a small screen.

Top view is convenient for precise reversing, for example to hook up a trailer. There's also a picture-in-picture function that shows the regular rear view in a small screen.

Vlastnosti & Špecifikácie



  • Chassis Size (W x H x D) mm : 23.6 mm x 23.6mm x 25.8mm


  • Power Requirement: 6.0V DC (5.4 – 9.0V DC allowed)
  • Power Consumption: 0.8W (6.0V)
  • Output Image: Mirror image, CVBS (NTSC video signal)
  • Image Sensor: 1/4" Type Color CMOS Image Sensor, Aspect Ratio 16:9
  • Output Drive Capacity: 1 Vp-p (75 ohms)
  • Effective Number of Pixels: 1280(horizontal) x 720(vertical) approximately 0.93 Mega pixels
  • Lens Section: Focal Length: f=0.9mm
  • Lens: Brightness: Brightness: F=1.8
  • Approximate Angle of Field: Horizontal: 180°, Vertical: 142°
  • Automatic Image Adjusting Function: Automatic exposure adjustment, Automatic white balance adjustment
  • Synch-System: Internal synchronization
  • S/N ration: 41dB or more
  • Resolution (horizontal, center area): 330 TV lines
  • Operating Temperature: -30°C - +70°C
  • Illumination Range: 1.5Lx to 100kLx
  • Weight: 33g
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